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Adams County, Mississippi

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Adams Cemetery
31.516389, -91.346389

August Boyd Cemetery
(see Oak Ridge Cemetery)

Baker Family Cemetery
On Montrose Plantation on Lower Woodville Road - Burial listing.

Baker Mock Cemetery
Three/four miles east of Natchez on left side of Liberty Road on Mr. Baker Mock's plantation, on a hill with no fence or wall. Graves are hidden from sight by brush.

Barland Cemetery
31.605278, -91.367500

Beechland Cemetery
31.394760, -91.320070 - Burial listing.

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery
Location unknown.

Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery
31.667727, -91.189473

Bingaman Cemetery
31.524171, -91.371940 - Burial Listing

Bissland Cemetery
About 3 miles from Presbyterian Church on Pine Ridge Rd, on a road leading from Pine Ridge Rd to Selma. It is about 1/2 mile off the rd and on right side going from Selma to Pine Ridge.

Blackman-Hightower Family Cemetery
Location unknown.

Blake Cemetery
31.569167, -91.216389

Boyd Cemetery
[see Magnolia Hill Cemetery]

Boyd Cemetery
[see Oak Ridge Cemetery]

Branch Cemetery
31.589331, -91.283739

Brandon Family Cemetery
31.606667, -91.264999

Brandon Hall Cemetery
31.614721, -91.256230

Bright Morning Star Baptist Church Cemetery
31.494813, -91.411539

Brighton Plantation Cemetery
31.447453, -91.388241

Bryandale Cemetery
31.567500, -91.283889

Buckles Cemetery
31.555278, -91.158611

Calvin Smith Cemetery
31.456111, -91.323333

Carter Cemetery
31.422500, -91.239722

Carthage Point Cemetery
31.428679, -91.295881

Central School Cemetery
31.573056, -91.306111

Cherry Grove Cemetery
(see Surget Cemetery)

Church of Jesus Christ God's Son Cemetery
Location unknown.

Clarmount Baptist Church Cemetery
31.590015, -91.396010 - with tombstone photos.

Cliffs Cemetery
31.403741, -91.450799

College Cemetery
Location unknown.

Collins Cemetery
31.516667, -91.237778

Connor Family Cemetery
Location unknown.

Cory Cemetery
31.420278, -91.204444

Cranfield Baptist Church Cemetery
31.549843, -91.192760 - with tombstone photos.

Cranfield Cemetery #2
Hwy 84 and Natchez/Liberty Rd cross, behind Cranfield Store.

Danzler Cemetery
Location unknown.

Daughters of Zion Baptist Church Cemetery
31.655699, -91.338251

Davis Family Cemetery
31.420959, -91.388471

Downs Family Cemetery
Location unknown.

Dunbar Cemetery
31.464410, -91.376450

Dunbarton Cemetery
31.510000, -91.269167 - with tombstone photos.

Edman Andres Cemetery
31.627621, -91.236169

Egypt Baptist Church Cemetery
31.396591, -91.337629

Elgin Cemetery
Location unknown.

Etania Cemetery
Location unknown.

Evans Cemetery
31.511944, -91.223889 - with tombstone photos.

Ezekiel Forman Plantation Cemetery
Ezekiel Forman's plantation of 500 acres is on St. Catherine's Creek (which he renamed "Wilderness Creek", about four miles from the town of Natchez, Adams Co., MS.

Farrar Cemetery
31.575556, -91.158056 - with tombstone photos.

Felter Family Cemetery
31.587231, -91.335699

Ferguson Family Cemetery
31.714722, -91.178889

Ferguson / Foster Cemetery
31.586667, -91.341111

First Moses Cemetery
Location unknown.

Fleming Cemetery
Location unknown.

Forest Cemetery
31.464167, -91.380000

Foster Cemetery
31.515000, -91.235000

Foster Cemetery
[see Ferguson / Foster Cemetery]

Foster Mound Cemetery
31.598889, -91.332500

Frogmore Cemetery
[see Swayze / Frogmore Cemetery]

Gallagher Cemetery
Location unknown.

Galtney Cemetery
Old Hwy 84 about 4 miles southeast of Washington

Gibson Cemetery
31.598601, -91.332497

Gillespy Cemetery
Location unknown.

Gloucester Cemetery
31.532778, -91.402222 - with tombstone photos.

Grayson Cemetery
At the antibellum home Brandon Hall located at intersection of the Natchez Trace and Hwy 61, about 200 yards behind the house.

Greater Saint Mark Baptist Church Cemetery
31.637121, -91.265409

Greenlawn Memorial Park
31.578056, -91.347778

Grove AME Church Cemetery
31.515000, -91.235000

Grove Plantation Cemetery
Located on the grounds of the Grove Plantation near Washington in Adams County.

Hall Cemetery
[see Brandon Hall Cemetery]

Higgland Cemetery
31.606389, -91.228611

Hoggatt Cemetery
31.516111, -91.217500 - with partial tombstone photos.

Holmes Cemetery
31.434444, -91.196667

Hunt Cemetery
Location unknown.

Hutton / Turpin Cemetery
Location unknown.

Independence Cemetery
Location unknown.

Jamison Family Cemetery
estimated location 31.422979, -91.316046

Jefferson Chapel AME Church Cemetery
31.679072, -91.233850

Jefferson College Cemetery
31.581111, -91.301111

Jersey Settlers Cemetery
[see Kingston Cemetery]

Jerusalem Baptist Church Cemetery
31.389261, -91.262149

Kibbe Cemetery
31.663291, -91.302539

Kilma-Nox Cemetery
Location unknown.

King Cemetery
31.391944, -91.279167

Kingston Cemetery
31.386111, -91.294722

Kitchen Family Cemetery
Location unknown.

LaGrange Baptist Church Cemetery
31.495699, -91.314871

Lane Memorial Cemetery
Location unknown.

Lansdowne Plantation Cemetery
31.584811, -91.361019

Laurel Hill Plantation Cemetery
31.42255, -91.40496

Lebanon Pond Cemetery
31.531811, -91.162489

Leesdale Cemetery
Location unknown.

Linden Cemetery
31.551389, -91.382961

Linwood Cemetery
31.513611, -91.429167

Longwood Cemetery
31.536669, -91.399781 - with tombstone photos.

Magnolia Hill Cemetery
Location unknown.

Martinez Family Cemetery
Location unknown.

Maxie Family Cemetery
Location unknown.

Mayfield Family Cemetery
Location unknown.

McCowen Cemetery
31.563889, -91.305556

McCoy Cemetery
31.231944, -91.571389

Memorial Park Cemetery
31.558299, -91.400771

Memory Lane Cemetery
Location unknown.

Mercy Seat Baptist Church Cemetery
31.428131, -91.395909

Metcalf Cemetery
On Montrose Plantation. This grave enclosed by an elaborate fence within sight of the Montrose ruins.

Midway Cemetery
Location unknown.

Milford Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
31.658021, -91.281679

Monette Cemetery
At rear of Plantation home "Sweet Auburn"

Monmouth Cemetery
31.551999, -91.38621

Montrose Plantation Cemetery
Location unknown.

Morgantown Cemetery
(see Ferguson / Foster Cemetery)

Morgantown Memorial Gardens - Location unknown.

Morning Star Baptist Church Cemetery
31.482222, -91.257222 - with tombstone photos.

Mount Airwell Cemetery
[see Bissland Cemetery]

Mount Bethel Cemetery
Location unknown.

Mount Carmel Cemetery
31.431661, -91.326559

Mount Locust Slave Cemetery
31.704167, -91.179444

Mount Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
31.386642, -91.398358

Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Cemetery
31.542201, -91.268309

Mount Plain Baptist Church Cemetery
31.495556, -91.256944 - with tombstone photos.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Location unknown.

Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cemetery
31.361667, -91.391944

Natchez City Cemetery
31.576111, -91.394444

Natchez National Cemetery
31.580531, -91.395319

Nevitt Cemetery
Cemetery Road near the "Devils Punchbowl" on Clermont Plantation.

New Beginning Cemetery
Location unknown.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
31.536111, -91.200833

Nutt Family Cemetery
(see Longwood Cemetery)

Oak Ridge Cemetery
About one mile down the old railroad from Selma.

Oakley Grove Plantation Cemetery
31.611391, -91.290159

Painters Cemetery
31.710278, -91.321944

Perkins Cemetery
31.559571, -91.319129

Pine Hill Memorial Park - 31.623611, -91.358611

Pine Log Cemetery
31.447371, -91.224889

Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery
31.630556, -91.349167

Providence Baptist Church Cemetery
31.536636, -91.417802

Pry Temple Baptist Church Cemetery
31.606629, -91.189751

Rabb Cemetery
Doison Place, on right side of the road leading to the home "Trinity"

Railey Cemetery
On the grounds of Oakland

Ratcliff Cemetery
31.568089, -91.284421

Rawlings Cemetery
31.582222, -91.304167

Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Cemetery
31.377721, -91.396309

Retirement Plantation Cemetery
31.455521, -91.321251.

Riverside Baptist Church Cemetery
31.626944, -91.354999

Roaring Dale Cemetery
31.558056, -91.216667

Roberts Cemetery
Location unknown.

Robinson Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery
In Washington at U.S. 84 and Hobo Fork Road.

Rodney Cemetery
Washington, Adams Co., MS. No stones were located when this cemetery was surveyed by DAR/WPA. The men listed here were promient ca 1800.

Rosalie Cemetery
31.559421, -91.409659

Roseland Cemetery
31.520278, -91.290833 - with tombstone photos.

Rounds Family Cemetery
31.384699, -91.437301

Routh Cemetery
31.548611, -91.397778 - with tombstone photos.

Rucker Cemetery
31.604722, -91.190556

Sails Town Cemetery
31.619171, -91.235969

Saint Andrews AME Church Cemetery
31.580579, -91.298101

Saint Charles Baptist Church Cemetery
31.549331, -91.219829

Saint James AME Church Cemetery
Location unknown.

Saint Marks Baptist Church Cemetery
31.617778, -91.250556

Saint Marks Baptist Church Cemetery
31.460739, -91.338561

Saint Mary Baptist Memorial Cemetery
31.610561, -91.276939

Saint Mary Cathedral Basilica Cemetery
31.55833, -91.40143

Saint Mary's Chapel Cemetery
[see Laurel Hill Plantation Cemetery]

Saint Paul AME Church Cemetery
31.646439, -91.3307201

Saint Paul Baptist Church Cemetery
31.578551, -91.295949

Saragossa Cemetery
9 miles southeast of Natchez on Lower Woodville Road.

Sargent Cemetery
(see Gloucester Cemetery)

Second Union Baptist Church Cemetery
31.643171, -91.330689

Selstown Cemetery
Location unknown.

Sessions Cemetery
31.509444, -91.224167

Sessions Cemetery
31.579167, -91.245000

Skinners Cemetery
31.534722, -91.344722

Smith Cemetery
[see Calvin Smith Cemetery]

Smithland Baptist Church Cemetery
31.620881, -91.228649

Soldier's Retreat Cemetery
From Hwy 61 North turn right on Palestine Rd. Go abt three miles and turn right. Go a few hundred yards to Soldier's Retreat (Plantation House). Cemetery is abt 200 yds farther.

Solitary Valley Cemetery
On Liberty Road about 5 miles out.

Southwood Lodge Church Cemetery
31.449039, -91.283281

Springfield Baptist Church Cemetery
31.510451, -91.295629

Springfield Plantation Cemetery
Location unknown.

Stanton Cemetery
31.619519, -91.235891

Stowers Cemetery
Sec. 33, T8N, R11E on road between McLure's Place and Wade Bayou.

Sunset View Memorial Park - [see Pine Hill Memorial Park]

Surget Cemetery
31.465000, -91.358333 - with tombstone photos.

Swayze / Frogmore Cemetery
31.388919, -91.260531

Sweet Auburn Cemetery
31.575000, -91.298333

Tate Cemetery
31.570278, -91.176389

Taylor Cemetery
31.561389, -91.305556 - with tombstone photos.

Tenner Cemetery
Location unknown.

The Gardens Cemetery
31.577849, -91.395199

Thomas Foster Cemetery
Location unknown.

Trinity Cemetery
31.547222, -91.296111

Turpin Cemetery
[see Hutton / Turpin Cemetery]

Trinity Cemetery
31.547222, -91.296111

United Bapitist Church Cemetery
31.585261, -91.342351

Wailes Cemetery
This cemetery is located in Adams County, Mississippi, near the old Wailes home at Washington, Mississippi.

Washington Cemetery
31.578259, -91.295271

Watkins Street Cemetery
31.571789, -91.381211

Westbury / Vines / Wheeler Cemetery
Location unknown.

Whieldon Cemetery
Location unknown.

White Cemetery
Location unknown.

Wilderness Cemetery
31.608289, -91.356731

William Foster Cemetery
31.624167, -91.345556

Windy Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
31.506011, -91.201059

Windy Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
31.522749, -91.218491

Windy Hill Manor Cemetery
Location unknown.

Winston Cemetery
31.606667, -91.286389

Wisner Family Cemetery
Location unknown.

Woodmen of the World Cemetery
On Morgantown Road across the road from Cutting Edge Glass Company.

Worthy - Hoggatt Cemetery
Location unknown.

Zion Chapel Cemetery
31.404444, -91.276389

Zion Mount Baptist Church Cemetery
Location unknown.

Zion Watch Baptist Church Cemetery
31.512500, -91.297778