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Adams County, Mississippi

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Antioch School (historical)
On Liberty Road southeast of Natchez. GPS: 31.528056, -91.336944

Braden School
10 Homochitto Street in Natchez. GPS: 31.553889, -91.401944

Brumfield High School
100 Saint Catherine Street in Natchez. GPS: 31.557500, -91.392222

Carpenter 1 Elementery School
702 Union Street in Natchez. GPS: 31.564167, -91.396944

Carpenter 2 Elementery School
800 Washington Street in Natchez. GPS: 31.555371, -91.401312

Cathedral High School and Elementery School
701 N Dr. MLK Jr. Street in Natchez. GPS: 31.562222, -91.394444

Cloverdale School (historical)
Northern Adams County. GPS: 31.483611, -91.404722

Deer Park School (historical)
Southern Adams County. GPS: 31.371944, -91.395278

Elizabeth Female College (historical)
Located in Washington, Mississippi.

Joseph L. Frazier Elementery School
1445 George F West Blvd in Natchez. GPS: 31.571731, -91.377963

Grove School (historical)
Located about 8 miles south of Natchez. GPS: 31.465833, -91.402500

Holy Family School
7 Orange Avenue in Natchez. GPS: 31.558333, -91.396667

Jefferson Miltary College
Located in Washington, Adams County, MS. GPS: 31.581944, -91.300000

Kienstra School (historical)
Located in extreme southwest Adams County. GPS: 31.247778, -91.604167

Martin Elementery and Middle School
Located at 64 Homochitto Street in Natchez. GPS: 31.551389, -91.400833

McLaurin Elementery School
Located at 170 Sgt Prentiss Drive in Natchez. GPS: 31.542500, -91.377222

Milford School (historical)
Located about 8 miles northeast of Natchez. GPS: 31.662222, -91.285556

Morgantown Elementery and Middle Schools
Located just NE of Natchez on Cottage Home Drive. GPS: 31.575278, -91.353889

Natchez College
Located at 7 College Street in Natchez. GPS: 31.575278, -91.353889

Natchez Freshman Academy
Located at 208 Lynda Lee Drive in Natchez. GPS: 31.542500, -91.377222

Overton School (historical)
Located 10 miles southeast of Natchez. GPS: 31.396111, -91.338611

Painters School (historical)
Located 12 miles northeast of Natchez. GPS: 31.718889, -91.327222

Pine Mount School (historical)
Located northeast of Natchez on Pine Mount Road. GPS: 31.645833, -91.330556

Pine Ridge School (historical)
Located north-northeast of Natchez. GPS: 31.630278, -91.348333

Poplar Grove School (historical)
Located East-Southeast of Natchez on Liberty Road. GPS: 31.495833, -91.255833

Price Elementery (historical)
Located at 177 Prince Street in Natchez. GPS: 31.566667, -91.389444

Quitman School (historical)
Located north of Natchez on Quitman Road. GPS: 31.679444, -91.366389

Robert Lewis Middle School
Located in Natchez at 1221 M.L. King Jr Rd. GPS: 31.570833, -91.370556

Rowardale School (historical)
Located about 8 miles east of Natchez. GPS: 31.545556, -91.222222

Thompson Middle School (historical)
Located at 580 W Stiers Lane in Natchez. 31.571389, -91.388333

Susie B. West Elementery School
Located at 161 Lewis Drive in Natchez. 31.530833, -91.409444