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Forrest (historical), Mississippi

Attala County, Mississippi

(submitted by and photos by Gerald & Tammy Westmoreland)

Located about 8 miles northwest of Kosciusko, this comminity owes its origin to John Wassen, who came from Georgia in the early 1830s and established a tanyard, which developed into a thriving trading center. He also served the county as Chancery Clerk from 1864to 1865.

After the Civil War, John W. Wassen, son of the founder, succeeded his father in the tannery business. He also operated a store. Wassen opened a post office in 1868 which was given the name Wells, a name the community also adopted. In December 1874, after heroically sending all employees to safety, Wassen was fatally injured by the explosion of a boiler which he attempted to handle alone.

A small school known as the Herron School was established here prior to the public school system. Then followed the establishment of the Forrest Public School about 1875, being named for General Nathan Bedford Forrest. When the Wells Post Office was discontinued in 1906, the community also took the name of Forrest.

GPS: 33.175833, -89.517222

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