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In the early 1800s the Hanna family settled at a point about 3 miles NE of Ethel, in the vicinity of what later became known as Gregory, or Gladys. During the 1860s this entire family was stricken with a malady, which is thought to have been spinal meningitis. All died except one daughter and one son, John Hanna, who later died in Arkansas.

The Hanna Plantation passed into other hands and nothing else about it is known until the building of the Illinois Central Railroad in 1883. Elisha Gregory, who had aquired the property by this time, gave a strip of land to the Railroad upon which the station of Gladys was later built. Mr. Gregory also built a sawmill and axe handle factory which he operated until 1907 when he sold these to S.B. McAdams. By this time the lumber interest had become important in the county and several lumber companies began operating.

Meanwhile, J.J. Mauldin who had bought land and opened a store in 1910, had aquired the Gregory Plantation. He also took over sawmill interest in 1916, succeeding Charlie Higginswho left to locate at Munson's Crossing. In 1919Maulding established the Gladys Public School for the accomodation of his own children and the white tennants of his plantation. The school was discontinued when he moved to Ethel about three miles to the west.

The Gregory Post Office, established about 1907 and named for Elisha Gregory, was first operated by Dave Austin. Austin was an old slave who had taught Negro schools in the county for several years and owned land adjoining the Gregory Plantation. In 1910 he faced charges of default due to the theft by an assistant who escaped. Knowing that Austin was not responsible for the theft, Mauldin interceded for him and Austin was permitted to repay the loss. Maulding was appointed postmaster and he kept the office until it was discontinued.

Gladys Station, which was established for the benefit of the lumber industry, was discontinued when the timber in the area became exhausted, and Gregory was classed as an extinct town in 1935.

GPS: 33.144444, -89.422222

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