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Attala County, Mississippi

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Incorporated in 1836, the town was settled around the now dry Red Bud Springs. The springs were said to have appeared after an earthquake in 1811, though the Native Americans claimed that they were fomed when the great Chief Tecumseh stamped his foot in Detroit. When Andrew Jackson marched back from New Orleans he followed the Natchez Trace, and because of the abundance of good spring water, pitched camp in what is now Kosciusko's business district.

Originally the little station was called Peking because its founder hoped that the sound of a foreign name would prove attractive to settlers. However, the meager food and poor accomodations provided by the taverns caused the town to be known as "Peakedend." The name was changed to Paris, but once more the effort to dignify the village with a grand name was made in vain. The name was changed to Parrish, possibly because of a family of outlaws, then it became Perish, then Attala. Finally the present name vas chosen, honoring the Polish hero of the American Revolution, Thadeusz Kosciusko, under whom the grandfather of a member of the town council had served.

In 1845 a girl's boarding school called Beechwood Seminary was established. Several years later, a male academy was started. By 1859 the village had developed such cultural appreciation as to organize a stock company in order to found a library. The stock sold for ten dollars a share, and the library, when opened, had 389 well selected books.

Until 1920 the towns chief business was the marketing and shipping of produce from Attala and neighboring counties. At that time the lumber industry was clearing off the timber, and in its wake, dairying developed. In 1928 a creamery was established to care for the dairy products of the county, and the following year, the Pet Milk Company built a condensery. Both industries speeded the development of the town, yet Kosciusko has been slow to break away from its ways of a small village.

GPS: 33.057500, -89.587500

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