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McCool, Mississippi

Attala County, Mississippi

(submitted by and photos by Gerald & Tammy Westmoreland)

Located about 7 miles SE of French Camp, McCool was known as Barksdale for a short time prior to 1883. Not much is known of Barksdale except that Lem Winters was born here in 1878 and was probably the first settler. T.J. Boswell was the first postmaster.

In 1883 the town's name was changed to McCool, in honor of Judge James F. McCool. Judge McCool owned land on this site which he divided into lots and sold, donating to the town the lot on which the school was built.

Another early settler was George R. Edwards, who was secretary to Governor Vardaman, State Treasurer and Railroad Commissioner.

GPS: 33.201944, -89.345000

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