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Rockport, Mississippi

Attala County, Mississippi

(submitted by and photos by Gerald & Tammy Westmoreland)

Rockport, about 9 miles NE of Durant, is supposed to have been named for its location where a rocky bluff jutted out above Big Black River, which provided a site to build above flood level.

This is where Hooker Armstrong built his house and operated a ferry on the river in the 1840s. The ferry was located where Rockport Road intersected the river and settlers used the road to carry their produce to Yazoo City and bring back supplies.

After the Illinois Central Railroad was extended to Durant and the town of West sprang up, there was a demand for a more convenient river crossing. A toll bridge was built across the river in 1867 and it was not long before all traffic went that way. As a result Rockport became extinct.

GPS: 33.172222, -89.770833

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