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Abram Barnes Cemetery
Located in the woods south of Hwy 547 between Port Gibson and Pattison

Anderson Cemetery
Located on south side of Paul Gallows Road about 1/2 mile east of Dillon Road.
GPS: 32.057778, -90.784167

Archer Cemetery
Behind Anchuka on old Archer property.
GPS: 31.9304670, -90.970817

Arnold Cemetery
About 3 miles west of Port Gibson.

Ashland Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
North of Poart Gibson on Grand Gulf Road.
GPS: 32.013883, -90.973683

Ashley Cemetery
Located 1.5 miles northeast of Rodney on a small bluff overlooking an old abandoned roadbed.

Atlas Cemetery
Located on south side of Russum Westside Road.
GPS: 31.915556, -91.082778

Awesome Christ Warriors Outreach Tabernacle Cemetery
On Warners Road near Johnson & Rollins Road.
GPS: 31.85929, -90.95443

Baker Cemetery
Located on Curtis-Luster Road near Midway Road.
GPS: 32.07967, -90.76464

Bald Hill Cemetery
Located off Bald Hill Road south of Grand Gulf.
GPS: 32.0004, -91.048

Barland Cemetery
Half mile SW of Peyton on J.M. Barland estate and Tom Clark's place.

Barnes Cemetery
Off Hwy 547 s of Port Gibson on Open Grove Plantation southwest of Mercy Seat Baptist Church.
GPS: 31.92443, -90.9566

Barnes Cemetery
On Patton Road south of Old Hwy 18 South.
GPS: 31.99146, -90.76276

Barnes and Bridgers Family Cemetery
On north side of Grand Gulf Road west of US Hwy 61.
GPS: 32.016616, -90.966766

Beech Grove Cemetery
Abt 6 miles SE of Hermanville near intersection of Hwy 548 & Old Port Gibson Rd.
GPS: 31.913611, -90.748611

Bell Family Cemetery
In the Willows Community.

Booth-McCaleb Cemetery
Near Valley of the Moon. North of Hermanville and east of Valley of the Moon Road.

Bowling Green Plantation Cemetery
On Bowling Green Plantation near Valley of the Moon ranch.

Boyd-Lyons Cemetery
On Midway Road about 6 miles northeast of Carlisle.
GPS: 32.065278, -90.748056

Brandywine Cemetery

Brashers Cemetery
On Hwy 61 south of Port Gibson.

Bridgers Cemetery
On Cann property south side of 2nd field west of Cann Home.

Briscoe Cemetery
South of the Russum-Alcorn-Rodney Road and on Montgomery Plantation.
GPS: 31.9153004, -91.0828018

Brown Family Cemetery
Off Willow Road east of US Hwy 61.
GPS: 32.037778, -90.927778

Bryant Cemetery
Located north of Carlisle and west of Carlisle Lane.

Burnet Cemetery
About 2 miles east of Hwy 61 near Willows Crossroad Rd.

Campbell Chapel Church Cemetery
On Old Port Gibson Road east of Willows community.
GPS: 32.041111, -90.884722

Campbell Chapel Cemetery
Located in the Willows community on Old Port Gibson Road.
GPS: 32.044167, -90.881389

Cane Hill Plantation Cemetery
Located in the Port Gibson area.

Cannon Cemetery
In the Peyton community near Clark's Creek Bridge.

Capers Grave Site
This single stone is located just off of Fisher Ferry Road, in the vicinity of the Natchez Trace.

Carbondale Cemetery
Hwy 552 about 1/2 mile south of Rodney-Westside Rd.
GPS: 31.917500, -91.134722

Center Cemetery
Located on south side of Valley Moon Road just east of Willows Road.
GPS: 31.986389, -90.858611

Cherry Farm Cemetery
About 3 miles south of Hermanville on Pattison-Hermanville Road.
GPS: 31.922500, -90.835833

Christian Cemetery
Unknown location.

Clarke Cemetery
Located in Carlisle.
GPS: 31.996389, -90.784167

Coburn Cemetery
Located in the Tillman community on LaCache Plantation.

Cold Springs Cemetery
Hwy 18 just north of Carlisle.

Coleman-Foster Grave Site
Located in the Westside community.

Cooper Cemetery
Located several hundred yards east of the road connecting Hwy. 548 and Barland Road on the eastern edge of Claiborne County.

Cooper Family Cemetery
Located in a wooded area west of Hermanville.

Crane Cemetery
Located in the Bruinsburg community north of Rodney Road on the bluffs of Bayou Pierre.

Crawford Cemetery
Located north of Old Port Gibson Road in the vicinity of its intersection with Midway Road.
GPS: 32.100788, -90.790753

Curry Cemetery
Located north of Old Port Gibson Road in the vicinity of its intersection with Midway Road.
GPS: 32.019083, -90.968716

Daniell Cemetery
Hwy 552 about 5 miles north of Alcorn State University [could not find].
GPS: 31.945000, -91.123056

Darden Cemetery
About 2 miles south of Pattison on Forest Grove Road about 3/4 mile south of Hwy 547.
GPS: 31.868333, -90.887500

Davenport-Fife Cemetery
In the Hermanville community in the woods off Hwy 18 on private property.

David Jobe Gravesite
Located almost exactly midway between Carlisle and Rocky Springs, about 1.5 miles east of Whitaker Road.

Davis Cemetery
Located on the edge of what is known as Regan Island, northwest of Reganton.
GPS: 32.1819, -90.78427

Devenport Cemetery
On gravel drive east off US Hwy 61 about a mile north of Woodvine Road.
GPS: 31.887222, -90.996944

Dixon Cemetery
Located in the Barland community.

Dotson-Gaines Cemetery
Located in the Grand Gulf community.

Douglass Cemetery
Near end of Hard Time Road off Hwy 18 about 3 miles west of Hermanville.
GPS: 31.938333, -90.896111

Eleventon Cemetery
On north side of road just east of Clark's Creek Bridge.
GPS: 31.824331, -90.837480

Fife Cemetery
Hwy 547 near Moss Down Road.
GPS: 31.846667, -90.828056

Fisher Cemetery
Midway Road just south of Reganton.
GPS: 32.13457, -90.75931

Flowers Cemetery
About 4 miles north of Carlisle off Paul Gallows Road on un-named county road that turns west.
GPS: 32.041944, -90.764444

Forest Grove Cemetery
Located on Forest Grove Road north of Violet Road.
GPS: 31.840556, -90.863611

Freedman Hall Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
On Freedman Hall Road south of Hwy 548 east of Hermanville

Freeland Cemetery
[see Daniell Cemetery].

French Cemetery
Near intersection of Hwy 548 and Williams Road About 1 mile east of Hermanville.
GPS: 31.954167, -90.823889

Frisby Cemetery
On Russum Westside Road west of Russum.

Golden West Cemetery
Located in Port Gibson on Rodney Road west of Church Street.
GPS: 31.9575005, -90.9916992

Goodwin Family Cemetery
Located near southern bank of Bayou Pierre, abt two miles W of Bayou Pierre Presb. Church historical marker and replica bldg.

Gradick Family Cemetery
Old Hwy 18 just west of Oil Well Road.

G.C. Gradick Cemetery
Located just west of J. D. Price Road, south of the Old Hwy 18 loop.
GPS: 31.95759, -90.94247

Grand Gulf Cemetery
At Grand Gulf Military State Park.
GPS: 32.030833, -91.049722

Greer Cemetery
On Carlisle Lane about 6 miles from Hwy 18.

Griffing Cemetery
Located in a pasture in Dist 5 just south of Albert Brady property.

Grindstone Ford Cemetery
Located at the Grindstone Ford historical location on the Natchez Trace Parkway.
GPS: 32.002500, -90.896111

Harper Cemetery
Located in a pasture in District 5 just south of Albert Brady property.
GPS: 32.064444, -90.821389

Harris Cemetery
About a1/2 mile SW of Widow's Creek Bridge and below the A.K. Shaifer place.

Harvey Cemetery
A single, fenced-in plot beside a private drive of Regan Road in the Rocky Springs community.

Headley Cemetery
Located on Mott Headley Road off US Hwy 61 north of Port Gibson.
GPS: 31.99542, -90.973928

Hedrick Cemetery
[see Fife Cemetery].

Henderson Cemetery
Near intersection of Old Port Gibson Road and Fisher Ferry Road.
GPS: 32.137778, -90.749722

Herlong Cemetery
Beach Grove Road about 2 miles west of Hwy 547.
GPS: 31.880000, -91.021667

Hermanville Cemetery
Located on Old Hwy 18 in Hermanville.
GPS: 31.954722, -90.827500

Hill Cemetery
Located on Hill Road north of Hankinson Road.
GPS: 32.1044, -90.8531

Holly Hill Cemetery
About 1/2 mile NW of Russum on Russum Westside Road [could not find].
GPS: 31.880000, -91.021667

Horner Cemetery
On Port Gibson to Grand Gulf Road.
GPS: 32.02145, -91.04781

Horner Cemetery
On Port Gibson to Grand Gulf Road.
GPS: 32.02145, -91.04781

Horrid Cemetery
Horrid Cemetery is located off of Hankinson Road, about .2 miles south of the intersection with Hill Road.
GPS: 32.0961700, -90.85367

Howard Cemetery
Located southwest of Carpenter south of Hwy 18 on a dirt road near Choctaw Creek.
GPS: 31.9699993, -90.7230988

Howard Family Cemetery
Cemetery is located in backyard of duplex at 410/408 Rodney Road in Port Gibson.
GPS: 31.95793, -90.99039

Hulbert Cemetery
Located on Shelby Road about a mile east of Hwy 548.
GPS: 31.924444, -90.718333

Hulbert Cemetery
Located on Shelby Road less than a mile east of Hwy 548.
GPS: 31.926944, -90.720278

Humphreys Cemetery
From US 61 go west on Grand Gulf Road about 1 mile to first road on left go about 1/2 mile.
GPS: 32.003056, -90.977778

Hutchins Cemetery
On Regan Island Road about 1 1/2 miles north of Old Port Gibson Road.
GPS: 32.165278, -90.743611

Hutchinson Cemetery
On west side of Willows Hermanville Road about 1/2 south of Willows.
GPS: 32.0325, -90.88846

Hynum Cemetery
Located on Hynum place just south of J.S. Middleton property.

Ignatius Flowers Cemetery
Located near Rocky Springs.

Ingleside Cemetery
Located in the Ingleside community.
GPS: 32.05088, -90.99064

James Crane Cemetery
Located in the Bruinsburg community.
GPS: 31.92777, -91.09398

Jefferies Cemetery
Located on the old Jefferies place on the Pattison-Hermanville Road in the Pattison community.

Jennings Cemetery
Located east of Port Gibson off J.D. Price Road south of Old Hwy 18.
GPS: 31.936933, -90.92945

Jewish Cemetery
Marginal Street in Port Gibson.
GPS: 31.956111, -90.979444

Jobe-Floyd Cemetery
Located north of Floyd Road and about 1/2 mile west of Old Hwy 61 near an old roadbed.
GPS: 31.956111, -90.979444

Jones Cemetery
Hwy 18 just north of Valley Moon Road.
GPS: 31.994722, -90.796389

Jones Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Cemetery is on Highway 18, just west of the Jones community.
GPS: 31.99659, -90.77313

Joseph Davenport Cemetery
Directly behind The Ark, Colonel Sam Magruder's home on Hwy 61 South.

King Cemetery
This cemetery is located south of James Creek on Buckhorn Plantation.
GPS: 31.896944, -91.095278

Lake Family Cemetery
This cemetery is near the Carlisle communityon the L.R. Addison place.

Lee Cemetery
West-Southwest of Westside.

Lee Family Cemetery
Located off Rodney Road east of Bayou Pierre Presbyterian Church site.
GPS: 31.967778, -91.033333

Lemons-Phillips Cemetery
North of Barrett Phillips house in Dist 5, north of the road in front of house 1/2 mile up creek on west side.
GPS: 31.967778, -91.033333

Lewis Cemetery
GPS: 31.936389, -91.015833

Lomax Family Cemetery
Located on Gordon Station Road.

Long Family Cemetery
Located on Willows Carlisle Road.

Lum Cemetery
Located south of Hankinson Road and about 3/4 mile east of the intersection with Old Hwy 61 in the Hankinson community.
GPS: 32.10319, -90.87321

Marcol Ellis Memorial Cemetery
Located on Tillman Road south of Moore Road.
GPS: 31.907516, -90.944267

Mays Family Cemetery
Located east of Karmac Ferry Road.
GPS: 32.04877, -90.98916

McCaleb Cold Springs Cemetery
Unknown location.

McCaleb Hermitage Cemetery
Located on Hermitage Plantation across the Bayou Pierre from Carlisle.

McCall Cemetery
In a cedar grove near Brandywine Cemetery.

McCrory and Bethany Cemetery
[see Dixon Cemetery]

McIntyre Cemetery
Located in the Willows community off Willows Road in a wooded area.

Mercy Seat Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Near Port Gibson on Moore Road south of Hwy 547.
GPS: 31.9071, -90.93919

Mitchell Cemetery
About 1 mile south of Hugh Rial's home east of Hermanville.

Montgomery Cemetery
West of the Natchez Trace Parkway and north of Russum-Westside Road.

Moody Grave Site
About two miles south of Reganton, between Old Port Gibson Road and the Natchez Trace.

Mooney Cemetery
Located on the east side of Herminville on Hwy 18.
GPS: 31.9608, -90.8592

Moore-Hull Cemetery
South of Hermanville just east of Sawyer property.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant Road near Brandywine.
GPS: 31.847778, -90.771667

Mount Zion Cemetery
This cemetery is located in the Willows community.
GPS: 32.073056, -90.889722

Mountro Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
East of Hermanville on Hwy 548 just east of Abby Road.
GPS: 31.95124, -90.78791

Murdoch Cemetery
Located in the Westside (Cochrandale) community.

Nelson Cemetery
Located on Alcorn University campus, behind a women's dormitory.

New Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
South of the Carpenter community on Dentville Road south of Hwy 18.
GPS: 31.9734144, -90.6379677

Newman Cemetery
In the Burnell community on NE Smith Road north of Beach Grove Road.
GPS: 31.82554, -90.7537

Newsome Cemetery
Southeast of Pattison on Hwy 547 northwest of Moss Down Lane.
GPS: 31.858056, -90.841111

Oak Hill Cemetery
This cemetery is located just north of Rodney.
GPS: 31.875556, -91.196111

Oakland College Cemetery
On Campus of Alcorn State University.
GPS: 31.879167, -91.143056

Old Colony Cemetery
On Russum Westside Road.
GPS: 31.888056, -91.043611

Old Come and See Baptist Church Cemetery
Unknown location.

Old Flowers Cemetery
Located in the Carlisle ccommunity.

Old Mount Grove Cemetery
About 5 miles east of Hermanville on Pathon Road 1 1/2 miles north of Hwy 548.
GPS: 31.961667, -90.777778

Owens Cemetery
1/2 mile north of Rocky Springs Church.

P.L. Greer Cemetery
Located in the Carlisle community.

Page Cemetery
Located behind "The Hermitage" (Humphreys home) and over the hill from Lake Claiborne, north of Grand Gulf Road.

Patona Cemetery
About 5 miles east of Hermanville on Hwy 548 just east of Freeman Hall Road.
GPS: 31.939722, -90.765556

Patterson Cemetery
On Old Colony Road .
GPS: 31.881944, -90.898611

Pattison Community Cemetery
On Tillman-Pattison Road on west side of Pattison.
GPS: 31.8820667, -90.898875

Patton Cemetery
Located on Patton Road south of Old Hwy 18 southeast of the Carlisle community.
GPS: 31.98344, -90.75996

Payne Cemetery
Located in Rocky Springs, just south of Regan Road.
GPS: 32.08785, -90.81738

Pearson Cemetery
Unknown location.

Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery
Located in the Pattison area.

Pine Grove Cemetery
Located west of Pattison on New Pine Grove Road north of Pine Grove Road.
GPS: 31.88478, -90.9538

Pine Ridge Cemetery
1/2 mile SW of Peyton.

Pisgah Cemetery
Hwy 548 about 1 mile south of Shelby Road.
GPS: 31.917222, -90.740556

Port Gibson Catholic Cemetery
700 Coffee Street, Port Gibson.
GPS: 31.955833, -90.978889

Port Gibson Jewish Cemetery
[located in a corner of Port Gibson Catholic Cemetery]

Powers Cemetery
[see Harper Cemetery]

Ragsdale Cemetery
Located on Kernac Ferry Road at Y Camp Road.
GPS: 32.040278, -90.995

Redemption Delivery Church Cemetery
Located in the Pattison area..

Regan Cemetery
Beat 3 near Reganton on Homewood Plantation.

Rembert Cemetery
South of Russom-Westside Road near James Creek.
GPS: 31.911389, -91.096389

Robertson Cemetery
Located south of Russum-Westside Road .6 miles southeast of Frisby Cemetery and just .1 miles north of the Jefferson County line.

Rocky Springs Methodist Church Cemetery
Rocky Springs Historic Site on Natchez Trace northeast of Port Gibson.
GPS: 32.090278, -90.813333

Rodney Cemetery
Behnd the Rodney Church.

Rose Hill Cemetery
Unknown locxation.

Russum Cemetery
Located on Hwy 61 in Russum.
GPS: 31.878333, -91.012222

Saint John Baptist Church Cemetery
Unknown location.

Saint Luke Christian Church Cemetery
In the Pattison Community.
GPS: 31.89114, -90.89214

Sanders Cemetery
From Hwy 547 SE of Pattison turn N on Mt. Pleasent Rd & go abt 2 miles.
GPS: 31.856944, -90.781111

Sarepta Cemetery
In SE corner of county. Serepta Road about 1 mile north of Barland Road.
GPS: 31.872778, -90.766111

Scott Memorial Cemetery
Rodney Road at Wilson Ln in Port Gibson.
GPS: 31.957778, -90.991667

Segrest Cemetery
Hwy 547 about 2 miles north of Copiah County line.
GPS: 31.825833, -90.750000

Sessions Cemetery
Located at Camp Stewart Warner.

Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Unknown location.

Shannon Cemetery
Off Hwy 18 east of Carlisle near Henry Galloway's home on south side of the highway in the woods.

Shelby Cemetery
Highway 548 about 1/2 east of Hermanville near Williams Road.
GPS: 31.954167, -90.824167

Shields Cemetery
About 1 mile east of Hermanville on Hwy 18.
GPS: 31.969167, -90.823333

Shiloh Cemetery
About 2 miles west of Hwy 61 on Shiloh Road.
GPS: 32.042778, -90.963333

Smith Cemetery
Just east of Mrs. Sidney Sorrel's store at Carlisle on Hwy 18 on north side.

Snodgrass Cemetery
[see Oakland College Cemetery].

Spring Hill Cemetery
Grand Gulf Road just west of Oil Mill Road.
GPS: 32.002778, -91.011111

Stone Cemetery
About 2 1/2 miles south of Big Black River off Hwy 61 about 1 mile east of Hwy in woods.

Taylor Cemetery
About 6 miles north of Willows on Willows Rocky Springs Road.
GPS: 32.055716, -90.845083

Templeton Cemetery
On Midway Road 2 miles east of Natchez Trace.
GPS: 32.071667, -90.761667

Thomas Cemetery
Located in the Hermanville area.

Thompson Cemetery
Located at the end of Shalford Road on land between Jones Creek and Widows Creek.
GPS: 31.93553, -91.06326

Thompsons Memorial Cemetery
Located on Roidney Road near Port Gibson.
GPS: 31.9592500, -91.0223200

Torrey Cemetery
Located about .4 miles east of Pattison, between Pattison-Hermanville Road and state HWY 547.
GPS: 31.8877, -90.8821

Torrey Cemetery
Located in the Hermanville area.

Trevillion Cemetery
SE cirner of county near intersection of Moss Down Lane, Forest Grove Road, and Beach Grove Road.
GPS: 31.815556, -90.8125

Trim Cemetery
On Hermanville Hazlehust Road.

Trimble Cemetery
Southwest of Russum at the end of Spayed Road off Old Hwy 61.

Turner Family Cemetery
In the Hermanville area.

Turnipseed Cemetery
East of Port Gibson on Hwy 18 at Myers Road.
GPS: 31.957500, -90.880278

Valentine Family Cemetery
On the old Groves Valley or Valentine plantation near Bethel Church.

Wallace Cemetery
On Rocky Springs Road about 2 miles north of Willows.

Watkins Family Cemetery
Located on Russum-Westside Road east of the Westside community.
GPS: 31.911111, -91.115278

Watson Cemetery
At Alcorn State University.
GPS: 31.871944, -91.127778

Welcome Baptist Church Cemetery
In the Port Gibson area.

Wells Cemetery
On Dennis Starnes place near Brandywine on west side of the Pattison-Brandywine Road.

Westrope Cemetery
West of Peyton community.

Whitaker Cemetery
On Willows Rocky Springs Road near the Natchez Trace.

White Cemetery
East of Hermanville.

Whitehall Cemetery
[see Jones Cemetery]

William Fife Cemetery
Located in the woods off a private drive south of Barland Road in the Peyton community.

Willis Cemetery
About 1 mile west of Hwy 61 on Shiloh Road.
GPS: 32.050833, -90.963889

Wilson Cemetery
Go about 2 miles SE of Port Gibson on Hwy 547 take Tillman Road go 1/2 mile turn on Moore Road.
GPS: 31.905278, -90.941944

Windsor Cemetery
Located at Windsor Mounds.

Wintergreen Cemetery
Dowtown Port Gibson.
GPS: 31.9514008, -90.9792023

Wood Cemetery
On Lambert Huff property.

Yoe Cemetery
Located north of Rodney and just within the Claiborne County line.
GPS: 31.8695, -91.19983

Zion Christian Church Cemetery
Located in the Pattison area.