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Good Hope Cemetery - Holmes County, Mississippi

(submitted by Dudley Rinicker)

Good Hope Cemetery is located on Goodhope Road at J. Chambers Road. 33.081389, -90.311667 [google map]

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  • SWEANY, John C., b. Feb 14, 1817 d. Oct 22, 1868
  • SWEANY, Sarah, b. Jan 8, 1793 d. Jan 11, 1865, Wife of M. Sweany
  • KELLOG, Father, d. About 1910 He was a Catholic Priest, who managed the Goodhope Plantation, when it was owned by the Catholic Church
  • WEED, Linnie Glass, b. Oct 7, 1838 d. May 2, 1874, Wife of R. M. Weed

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