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Old Rankin Cemetery - Holmes County, Mississippi

(submitted by Dudley Rinicker)

Old Rankin Cemetery is located on Queenie M. Johnson Road sout of Blissdale Road. 33.113056, -90.187222 [google map]

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  • OWENS, Roberson L. b. State of Virginia Oct 24, 1821. Emigrated to Mississippi 1832 d. Sept 4, 1857
  • WILLIAMS, Little Amy Dau of Dr. R. P. & Margaretta Williams Aged 6 mos
  • Other records indicate that the following persons are buried in this cemetery, but there are no markers to show burial sites:
  • LAND, Charles d. July 28, 1834 Age 41 yrs Son of Thos. Land, Sr.
  • LAND, Elizabeth Morgan d. July 1833 Aged 64 yrs Wife of Thos Land, Sr.
  • LAND, Sarah Bass d. 1862 Wife of Charles Land Buried at foot of Chenoa hill, 2 miles N of Old Rankin Cemetery Births and Death dates of the Lands came from the family bible of Joshua & Caroline Land McBee. Bible in possession of Mrs. John H. McBee, Greenwood, MS
  • LAND, Thomas Jr. d. Jun 16, 1839 Age 44 yrs 6 mos
  • LAND, Thomas Sr. d. Jun 29, 1832 Aged 66 yrs Married 1785
  • WASHINGTON, Gwynn Peyton Dr. d. Nov 5, 1833 Age about 33 yrs (Taken from the National Banner & Nashville Advertiser, dated 5 Nov 1833)
  • WYATT, James B. VA/Revolutionary Soldier/Lost leg in service. d. 1829-30/Memoirs of MS P-1078

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