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Pickens Family Cemetery - Holmes County, Mississippi

(submitted by Dudley Rinicker)

Pickens Family Cemetery is located in Holmes County on private property.

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  • WILLIAMS, Thomas W. D., b. Oct 23, 1839 d. Jun 1, 1840 Son of Rollin & Ollie Williams
  • PICKENS, William, b. Dec 28, 1777 d. May 25, 1865(Moved to Richland Cemetery)
  • WILLIAMS, William C., b. Apr 1, 1830 d. Aug 22, 1844 Son of Rollin & Ollie Williams
  • Family members furnished the following information, but there are no markers to indicate their graves.
  • PICKENS, Eliza Boles, b. 1809 d. Sep 15, 1840 Wife of Israel Wilson Pickens
  • PICKENS, Israel Wilson, b. 1803 d. Dec 16, 1867 Married 1827

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