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Pluto Cemetery - Holmes County, Mississippi

(submitted by Dudley Rinicker)

Pluto Cemetery is located on Bee Lake Road west of US Highway 49E. 33.053889, -90.383333 [google map]

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  • WARMACK, Estelle, b. Oct 27, 1873 d. Nov 11, 1899, Wife of E.M. Pickett
  • WARMACK, Mary R., d. Dec 1, 1888, Age 10 yrs 8 mos. Dau of Wm. & E. C. Warmack
  • WARMACK, Johnie W., d. Nov 21, 1883, Age 3 yrs, 6 mos. Son of Em. & E.C. Warmack
  • Records at the Holmes County Library indicate the following are also buried here, but the markers are Shattered and no longer readable:
  • WARMACK, Maggie M., d. Dec 24, 1887 Age 12 yrs 8 mos. Dau of Wm. & E.C. Warmack
  • N.B.W., b. Nov 3, 1892 d. Oct 1, 1903, Dau of Wm. & E.C. Warmack

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