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Joseph Dallas Butts obituary - Lowndes County, Mississippi

(submitted by Keith L. Croft)

1854 - May 18, 1908

Prominent Citizen Dies Suddenly. Only a few moments warning that death was approaching.

A very sad death occurred Monday afternoon about 4 o'clock at the residence of Mrs. O. B. Shearer on 3rd Avenue Northwhen Mr. J. D. Butts suddenly expired.

Mr. Butts was driving in alone from the Inter-State Lumber Co. plant where he was employed. He left there feeling well and was in the very best spirits. As he approached the residence of Mrs. Shearer he must have felt the pangs of death coming over him for he reined his horse up to her gate and got out.

She saw there was something wrong with him and aided him to a seat on the veranda where he died in a few moments without uttering a word.

Mr. Butts was 55 years old and he is survived by three children aged 16, 12 and 4 years. His wife died about one year ago.

He was a consistent member of the first Methodist church and was also a loyal mason; his standing in both organizations being such as to attract favorable comment by the members.

His remains were carried to his old home in Artesia for interment, accompanied by a large number of Masons and the funeral services were conducted by Dr. J. W. Shoaff, pastor of the First Methodist Church.

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