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John McLaughlin Smith biography - Lowndes County, Mississippi

(submitted by Gerald & Tammy Westmoreland)

12 Oct 1812 - 30 Oct 1885

He was a professor at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. He had graduated, then later attained a Master's Degree in Mathematics from that institution. He was one of a total of eight professors and instructors at the University, when he resigned in December 1837, and came to the Mississippi farm of 400 acres east of Artesia, MS, that his father, John Smith Sr. had purchased in December 1833. The land was purchased from the United States Government, after they acquired it from the Choctaw Indian Tribe by the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. He began purchasing the land from his father; building a home; and starting the first ever clearing and cultivation of the land.

John McLaughlin Smith served as a Representative to the Mississippi General Assembly, 1859-1861, and was at one time a member of the Lowndes County Board of Supervisors.

He married Emily McGee of Alabama in 1841 and 12 children were born of this union, the ten oldest surviving to maturity.

The 3 oldest, Benjamin Lafayette, Roger Sherman, and William Penn, served in the Confederate States Army in many campaigns and battles. Most of this service of each of them was with the Forty-Third Regiment, which was organized at Columbus, Mississippi. All 3 survived the war.

The Smith farm is believed to be the only farm in Lowndes County, and one of the few in Mississippi, in which title was patented directly from the United States of America. It has been actively farmed since it was began, and at one time totaled over 5,000 acres.

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