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James Allen Boutwell Bible

Submitted by: Bert Boutwell


James Allen Boutwell, son of Thomas A. Boutwell and Rebecca Crain came into Pike County, Mississippi before 1820 form Barnwell County, South Carolina. A Baptist Minister James spoke of his early childhood and made mention of his South Carolina birth in several prepared sermons. The information contained herein was transcribed from his Bible by a great grandson, Julius Dewitt Shivers. The actual Bible was last known to be in the possession of another great grandson, Preston P. Wilson. Those pages of the Bible on which this information appears are recorded in the State Archives in Jackson, Mississippi. The following is as it appears in the Shivers transcript:



Thomas Boutwell to Rebecca Crain (no date given)
James Allen Boutwell to Ellender Tullos, July 8, 1834
John J. Martin to Louisa Jane Boutwell, May 6, 1866
William Pinkney Boutwell to Mazurian Jane Boutwell, December 6, 1866



Born to Thomas and Rebecca Crain Boutwell:
William R. Boutwell July 14, 1808
James Allen Boutwell January 14, 1811
Doctor D. Boutwell March 25, 1821

Born to James Allen and Ellender Tullos Boutwell
Joseph Newton Boutwell-February 14, 1841
Jeptha Jasper Boutwell-February 14, 1841
Louisa Jane Boutwell-March 6, 1843
William Pinkney Boutwell-June 6, 1846
Other records given in this Bible:
Thomas Boutwell born (no date given)
Rebecca Crain Boutwell born December 18, 1783
Ellender Tullos Boutwell (Daughter of Temple C. Tullos and Lydia Mobley) born May 25, 1818
Mary Angeline Boutwell (daughter of Doctor D. Boutwell and Sarah A. Walters) born July 22, 1848
Mazurian Jane Boutwell (daughter of Doctor D. Boutwell and Sarah A. Walters) born December 17, 1849
Thomas Allen Martin (son of John J. Martin and Louisa Jane Boutwell) born May 6, 1868
Hiram Elisha Thornhill ( son of William Thornhill and Mary Ann Boutwell, grandson of Thomas A. Boutwell and Rebecca Crain) born April 28, 1834



Joseph Newton Boutwell died February 29, 1841, age 17 days
Jeptha Jasper Boutwell died March 8, 1841, age 26 days
Rebecca Crain Boutwell died June 10, 1869, age 86 years.

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