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Major Sartin Bible

Submitted by: Pat Smith



Major Sartin was borned 28 of November in 1812.
Matilda Sartin was borned 15 of January 1814.
George P. Sartin was borned 18 of November 1833.
Sarah Jane Sartin was borned 16 of February 1836.
Elijah S. Sartin was borned 4 of March 1838.
Madeline was borned 21 of February 1840.
John W. Sartin was bomed 29 of July 1843.
James Obed Sartin was borned 13 of August 1845.
Linas Whitman Sartin was borned 4 of March 1847.
Mary Elmira Sartin was borned February 16th 1853.
James E. Lonzo Sartin was borned the 1st day of April 1866.
Moten Webb Sartin was borned 18 of February 1868.
David Arthur Smith was borned the 6hof February 1869.
Flora Arcola was borned the 26 of November A.D. 1870.
Willy Obed was borned the 26 of January A.D. 1874.
George Henry Sartin was born the 2 of May 1863.
Elisa V. Sartin born the 25 March 1867.
Ida S. Sartin was born the 14 of April 1869. Mary Ella Sartin was borned the .... March 1870.
John Sartin, father of Major Sartin, was borned the 4 of February 1791.
James Thomas Obed Jones was born the 12 Dec. A.D. 1874.



Major Sartin and Matilda May was married January 24, 1833.
Elijah S. Sartin and Mary F. Thomas was married the 2 of April 1862.
Madison O. Jones and Mary E. Sartin was married the 7 of January 1874.
J.O. Sartin and Thana A. Magee was married the 6 day of April A.D. 1865.



George Parnum Sartin the son of Major Sartin died the 27 of February 1862.
Elijah S. Sartin departed this life on the 20 of September 1868 age 30 years 6 months 16 days.
George H. Sartin departed this life on 2 September 1866 age two years three months 17 days.
J.N. Sartin was born the 13 of March 1865 and died the 4 day of September 1868.
John W. Sartin departed this life on the 28 of February 1872 age 28 years 7 months 28 days.
Moten W. Sartin departed this life on the 21 of September 1872 age 4 years 7 months 3 days.
Leander L. Smith departed this life on the 31 of August age 1 year 3 months.
Matilda Sartin departed this life the I day of June 1899 age 85 years 4 months 17 days.
Major Sartin departed this life the 6 day of March 1908.
Thana Ann Sartin departed this life 28 of Dec. 1909 - 20 minutes after 2 O'Clock in the morning.
Margaret Sartin departed this life 31 August 1883 age 88 years 3 months 12 days.
John Sartin, the father of Major Sartin departed this life 1 day of October 1846.
Sarah Jane Moore departed this life the 13 of June 1925.
L.W. Sartin departed this life the 20 of May 1928.
J.E.L. Sartin departed this life June 22, 1943 age 79 years.
Flora Arcola Sartin departed this life March 27, 1951 age 78.
Mary Sartin departed this life May 23, 1953 - Obed Sartins wife (second)



Major Sartin was the son of John Sartin Jr. and Margaret Barnes.
Matilda May was the daughter of John D. May Sr. and Mary "Polly" Farley.
Children of Major Sartin and Matilda (May) Sartin were:
George P., Sarah Jane, Elijah S., Madeline, John W., James Obed, Linas Whitman, and Mary Elmira Sartin.
George P. Sartin has been listed by several researchers as George Pounds Sartin. He is listed as George Parnum Sartin in the Bible Records. According to information I was given, George was killed during the Civil War at Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, Louisiana.
J.N. Sartin, George Henry Sartin, and Elisa V. Sartin were children of Elijah S. Sartin and Mary F. Thomas.
James E. Lonzo Sartin, Moten Webb Sartin, Flora Arcola Sartin, Willy Obed Sartin (William), and Mary Ella Sartin were children of James Obed Sartin and Thana Ann Magee.
Parents of Ida S. Sartin are unknown.
Parents of David Arthur Smith are unknown. (This Bible entry is in Major's handwriting)
Leander L. Smith is believed to be the son of Madeline Sartin and Jacob Monroe Smith.
James Thomas Obed Jones is the son of Mary E. Sartin and Madison O. Jones.

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