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Joseph Boggan Berry Bible records - Simpson County, Mississippi

(submitted by Delores Sanders)

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    Joseph Boggan Berry & Laura Josephine Evans m. 12 Mar, 1854 in Rankin Co., Ms.
    Jos. T. B. Berry & Jessie Iverson Brookes m. 14 Sept, 1887 in Pontotoc Co., Ms.
    W. D. Berry & Alice Johnson m. 3 Ap, 1895 in Vernon, Tx. by Rev. C. S. Fields, pastor M. E. Church South .
    John Bleasant Berry & Stella McLaurin m. in Brandon, Ms. M. E. Church South by Rev. F. Robinson 24 Apr, 1894.
    Lela Estelle Berry & E. C. May m. in Fort Worth, Tx.
    Joseph Thompson Berry s/o J. T. B. berry & Jessie Iverson Brookes Berry m. 18 Dec, 1918 in Brandon, Ms.
    Merle Gayden Merle Iverson Berry d/o Joseph Thompson & Merle Gayden Berry m. to Scott Tennyson 22 Mar, 1950 in Brandon, Ms. Parents of Joseph Boggan Berry.
    German Berry s/o David & Rebecca Vines Berry m. in 1829 to Colon Boggan d/o Joseph & Sarah Caraway Boggan, in Simpson Co., Ms.
    Joseph Boggan m. 19 Aug, 1813 Sarah Caraway d/o Archibald & Elizabeth Taylor Caraway in Anson Co., N.C.
    Archibald Caraway m. 3 Jan, 1793 Elizabeth Taylor d/o Rev. William Taylor of N.C.


    Joseph Boggan Berry was b. 12 Dec, 1830
    Laura Josephine Evans Berry b. 20 Feb, 1832
    Holden Garther Berry b. 13 Feb, 1855
    Charlotte E. C. Berry b. 12 Dec, 1856
    Joseph Thompson Bell Berry b. 18 Aug, 1859
    Jefferson Davis Berry b. 17 June, 1861
    William David Berry b. 9 Dec, 1863
    John Pleasant Berry b. 25 Ap, 1866
    Harriet Josephine Berry b. 20 Feb, 1868
    Mary Appalona Berry b. 23 Feb, 1870
    Laura Matilda Berry b. 24 Oct, 1871
    Lela Estelle berry b. 25 Oct, 1873
    German Berry s/o David & Rebecca Vines Berry was b. 1806 in S.C.
    Colon Boggan Berry d/o Joseph & Sarah Caraway Berry was b. 23 May, 1814 in N.C.
    Joseph Boggan b. 23 Feb, 1794 in N. C.
    Sarah Caraway Boggan b. 29 Oct, 1797 in N. C.
    Archibald Caraway b. 19 Feb, 1766
    Elizabeth Taylor Caraway d/o Rev. William Taylor b. 1 Sept, 1777


    Charlotte E. C. Berry d. 5 May, 1857
    Holden Garthur Berry d. 13 May, 1857
    Mary Appalona Berry d. 4 Aug, 1871
    Laura Matilda Berry d. 31 Jy, 1873
    Joseph Boggan Berry d. 24 Mar, 1885 at Florence, Ms. Buried at Star, Ms.
    Laura Josephine Berry d. 9 June, 1887 at Cooper's Wells, Ms. Buried at Star
    Jeff David Berry d. 13 Feb, 1889 in Greenville, Ms Buried in Star, Ms.
    Harriet J. Berry d. 24 Oct, 1901 Buried in Star, Ms.
    Dr. Joseph Thompson Bell Berry d. 16 Mar, 1824 in Jackson, Ms. Buried Brandon
    Dr. John Pleasant Berry d. 13 Feb, 1927 in Jackson, Ms. buried in Star, Ms.
    Lela Estelle Berry Mey d. 8 June, 1927 in Ft. Worth, Tx. Buried in Weatherford, Tx.
    Jessie Brookes Berry s/o Dr. J. T. B. Berry d. 2 Jy, 1929 in Jackson, Ms. Buried in Brandon, Ms.
    William David Berry d. 31 Dec, 1939 in Vernon, Tx. Buried in Vernon,Tx.
    Merle Gayden Berry w/o Joseph Thompson (Tom) Berry d. 7 Nov, 1954 Buried in Brandon, Ms.
    German Berry f/o Jos. B. Berry d. 17 Oct, 1882 in Florence, Ms. Buried in Berry-Sutton burial lot near Florence, Ms.
    Colon Boggan Berry m/o Jos. B. Berry d. 24 Jy, 1849 in Rankin Co., Ms. Buried Berry-Sutton burial lot near Florence, Ms.
    Archibald Caraway d. 18 Sep 1835 in Anson Co., N. C. Bur. in Caraway graveyard 5 miles w. of Wadesboro, Anson Co., N.C.
    Elizabeth Taylor Caraway w/o Archibald Caraway & d/o Rev. william Taylor d. 8 Feb, 1821 in Anson Co., N.C. Buried in Caraway graveyard.
    Joseph Boggan f/o Colon Boggan Berry d. 5 Aug, 1862. Buried in Simpson Co., Ms.
    Sarah Caraway Boggan m/o Colon Boggan Berry d. 16 Jy, 1872.

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