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Isham R. Everett Bible records - Simpson County, Mississippi

(submitted by Dianne Echols)

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    Isham R. Everett and Susan Jane Van Zandt were married December 25, A.D. 1872
    W. W. Bishop and Mary Lou Everett were married December 30th 1891


    I.R. Everett was born October 31, 1848
    Susan Jane Everett was born December 12,1850
    Mary Lou Everett was born October 26, 1873
    Richard Tom Everett was born March 15, 1876
    Tinie Eola Everett was born May 25,1878
    Cora Lee Everett was born October 1, 1879
    Isham Green Everett was born August 11, 1882
    Earnest Jack Everett was born April 16, 1885
    Fenie Elizabeth Everett was born June 17, 1888
    Vivia Maude Everett was born April 12, 1891
    Joseph Victor Everett was born February 1, 1894


    Tinie Eola Everett died September 25, 1878
    Earnest Jack Everett died September 2, 1893
    Isham R. Everett died October 16, 1920
    Lilly Bell B. died December 18, 1936
    Mollie Bishop died October 16, 1940
    Susan Jane Everett died October 28, 1941
    Fenie Elizabeth Everett died April 26, 1976

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