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Marlow Cemetery - Sunflower County, Mississippi

(submitted by and photos by B.J. Marlow)

Marlow Cemetery is located on the south side of Marlow Road at the intersection of Marlow Road and Cemetery Road. 33.723, -90.580 [google map]

"This cemetery is a family cemetery. It is my family cemetery. The first person to be buried here was Lee Marlow in 1883. Lee drowned while securing a corn bin that collapsed pinning him beneath flooding waters of the Sunflower River. This spot of land, an ancient indian mound, was the highest place around the Marlow plantation. The casket was taken by boat down the Dougherty Bayou for interment. I walked this cemetery as a child when there were dozens of cedar trees on top of the mound. The ice storms took them down. BJ Marlow."

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