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William Wilson Forbes Biography

Submitted by: Mike W. Forbes

William Forbes, Sr., was born in VA in 1756 and died in Pendleton in 1820. He was a Revolutionary War veteran who received land grants in Ninety-Six Dist., S.C. for service.

There are over 2,000 known descendants of William W. Forbes of Marion Co. (1793-1857). He did not receive a homestead deed (BLM-GLO), but did receive two bounty land warrants for service during the Creek and Indian War (1814). He was a wheelwright by trade. There is mention of him in probate records settling claims against estates (John Warren Jr. and Asenith Drake). From the land records of his son, Francis, it is believed William lived on the present Military Road, about ½ mile north of the LA state line.

He left Pendleton in Anderson Dist., S.C. after losing his home and 423 acres in a suit filed by Samuel Maverick over a debt of $64.12! His father, William W. Forbes’ 2nd wife, Rebecca Jones, was ½ Choctaw. Some of her children were deemed by the Dawes Commission to be ¼ Choctaw. Three of her sons moved to the Indian Territory; two remained, one left and settled in Tangipahoa Parish, LA. Some of Rebecca’s grandsons also moved to the Indian Territory.

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