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Bullock Cemetery - Walthall County, Mississippi

(submitted by Shannon Gorman)

Bullock Cemetery is located on the property of Glenn Pigott.

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This is a partial listing.

  • Bullock, Caroline M., 03 Dec 1807 - 10 Aug 1872, "wife of Hugh Bullock, dau. of Isaac & Elizabeth Brumfield"
  • Bullock, Hugh, 05 Sep 1805 - 14 Aug 1872, "son of Joel & Rhoda Davis Bullock"
  • Pittman, Mary Ann Bullock, 09 Oct 1834 - 04 Mar 1879, "wife of Richard B. Pittman, dau. of Richard & Louisa Magee Bullock"
  • Pittman, Mary Jane S., 28 Mar 1856 - 06 Oct 1882, "wife of John Gilbert Purvis, dau of Richard B. & Mary Ann Bullock Pittman"
  • Purvis, John Gilbert, Unknown, Unmarked grave.

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